Protect Your Future For a Better Life

With attractions like protecting your life, your valuables, and your lifestyle, Vlauray offers just more than it. Reduce the risks and increase the profitability with us – Because our insurance plans cover it all!

Shift The Risk

Throw the risks to us and explore the opportunities for your family and commerce. Give yourself a layer of mental peace with us.

Ensure Stability

Question yourself if you’re sure about the stability of your business or family. If the answer turns out to be ‘No’, let us stabilize it.

Earn Credibility

If any unexpected accident strikes, we’re there to cover the losses and can provide the real value so that you can ensure the safety of everything. 

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About Us

Caring for your family, life, business and YOU!

You deserve the most professional insurance agent who envisages risks and plans efficient and creative solutions. At Vlauray Insurance LLC, our team uses the most advanced tools and plans to cater to our customers with full efficiency and a driven focus. We promise an undiminished commitment to perfect customer care in our insurance policy plans. No compromises on your satisfaction! Get the best insurance plans in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas from our team. 

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart & Why

We believe in a conscientious attitude with clients, on and off help, proper guidance, and endeavors to help people stay covered by the best insurance. Our customers count on us because of:

Customer Comes First

To your surprise, our insurance plans are designed to keep customers safe, stable, and stress-free. This is our passion for saving people from losses and managing post-disaster risks.

Affordable Premiums

Our plans don’t have pocket-heavy plans but are pretty affordable so that you can conveniently and periodically pay. So, stay trusting our craft because our agents are smart and honest.

Wide Range Of Plans

Our offerings entail but are not limited to life insurance, home insurance, and related perks. Our team stays aware of the latest industry trends to provide the coverage you deserve.

Thousands Trust Us When Life Truly Matters

We don’t dodge our customers to make money but provide the packages, trends, and info so you can decide what is better for the quality of your life. Leave the rest because we serve with zest!

Our Services

Vlauray Offers the Best-in-class Services

Insurance Agent

Looking for the correct insurance plan on the plate? Find out what our qualified insurance agent suggests. 

Life Insurance

Let’s safeguard the future of your family and get you insured. Our life insurance experts have the best insurance coverage plans. 

Home Insurance

Disasters never tell about their arrival. So, cover your residential property with the right insurance plan as per your need. 

All insurances

Our years of experience in insurance, claims, and account handling makes us your go-to choice. Get covered with insurance. 

Reach Out For a Quick Service Quote

Wanna know more about us and our offerings? Contact our professional representative now to get your concerns and inquiries answered. Let’s have a detail-oriented talk!

How We Work

Simple Steps To Get Insured

Getting insured has never been much easier than we have made it now. Our team of professionals has simplified the entire process into three steps. 

Call The Agent

Interestingly and unhesitatingly, call us and choose the agent you’d love to work with.

Choose The Plan

We’ll walk you through our plans and packages, and you can choose one that fits your need.

Deposit The Fee

We have a small fee to prepare a file for your desired insurance plan. Hurry up and get started!


Words About Vlauray from Our Customers

Because of our expertise in the field and our commitment to offering quality service, we have always been held at high-esteem position. Read the latest reviews from our customers. 

Dzumafo Herman

Vlauray Insurance LLC is what I have always dreamt of. I always wanted to lodge an insurance file with an insurance company that is easy to communicate with. These professionals have a sense of listening more and speaking concisely. I must say they have provided me the real value!

Erling Hazard

The agents are friendly to talk, and they help more than expected. I must say that they are lifesavers because the benefits they apprised me of aren’t just good but great. Highly recommended!

Ester B. Zee

My friend recommended me Vlauray Insurance LLC, and I talked to them about the life insurance policy. They are undoubtedly strong in providing the facts and stats and helped me with excellent info. Am happy to have chosen none but these amazing professionals.

Jessica Martinez

I don’t have words to say something specific, but I can only say that they are reliable and affordable, too. They are trustworthy guys and have kept their word so far.